Pool Hall – Clique Billiards, Singapore

I’m grateful there are pool clubs that are (relatively) sanitary and brightly lit and don’t serve alcohol. I’m glad these places exist so families can play pool together and kids can learn the game. But I don’t particularly care to play in them myself. There’s no shortage of tables to be sure, they’re in great condition with clean, new felt. Cues could have better tips but are somewhat straight. Staff is friendly and attentive, at least as much so as speaking a different language allows. It’s located on the third level of what appears to be a mall/family activity center.

The place advertises snacks and drinks but this appears to consist of Indomie and a few sodas. There were a handful of other people playing mid-afternoon, with a dozen 9-foot tables to choose from as well as 2-3 snooker tables. Definitely a great place to bring the kids and teach them the game!

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