Book Review: Objections Overruled

Objections Overruled: Answering Arguments Against Christianity

I don’t remember where I received this book. It’s published by Issues, Etc., a Christian radio program. But I couldn’t find a way to order this book either through Amazon or the Issues, Etc. web site.

The book is a concise, direct apologetic work refuting common assertions made by non-Christians or non-theists as reasons the Biblical witness is false. Each of the ten essays is less than ten pages in length and is authored by capable, qualified authors and experts in various fields related to the Christian faith. All but two have Ph.Ds and one of the two that doesn’t is a candidate to receive one. The essays address assertions such as Religions are all saying the same thing, Jesus didn’t physically rise from the dead, there is no extra-Biblical evidence for Jesus, Jesus never claimed to be God, the Bible isn’t a reliable historical document, miracles don’t happen, Christianity is anti-science, Christianity has been bad for non-Christians, a loving God couldn’t allow evil and suffering and God condoned war and killing in the Old Testament. Each of these are relevant assertions commonly placed in the public arena as though they are true and irrefutable. These essays demonstrate very clearly that refutations do exist and are more than reasonable.

I’ve met or studied under several of these authors in various capacities (such as the International Academy of Apologetics, Evangelism and Human Rights, held annually in Strasbourg, France). The essays here are to the point and provide clear and logical argumentation. The writing is accessible and not overly academic, clearly intended as practical help to Christians who increasingly are characterized in our society and culture as ignorant, foolish, or dangerous.

I’d recommend this highly as a resource except I’m not sure how you would get a copy of it!

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