Velvet Elvis pgs. 91-92, “Recognizing God”

Yes, to a point.

The point is well made, and could and should probably be made much stronger, that there is no where that God is not, and there is no thing that does not exist or come into being except by God’s direct working. 

However just because you enjoy something doesn’t necessarily mean that God is in that in the way that He would like to be.

I suppose sex is a great example, since our culture is so obsessed with it.  Anybody who has experienced the wonders of sex will agree that it’s a powerful thing, not only physically but emotionally and spiritually as well.

I’m sure that many people might say their passion and joy and exhileration comes from and through sex.  So much so, that they may not feel constrained to keep their sexuality within the bounds of marriage, or even to spoil the fun with marriage at all.  They may be more passionate, more joyful, and more exhilerated in having sex with a different person every weekend.

Is God in that behavior, in that joy and passion and exhileration?


And no.

Yes, because God created sex.  Don’t let anybody tell you differently – God made sex, sex is great, and God intended it to be great.  Within the proper parameters that maintain respect for the man and woman (yes, I mean that).  God created our sexuality just as he intended us for committment to one other person.  So yes, God is in the joy of even illicit sex, because, as with everything else, you couldn’t be enjoying it if God were not enabling you to experience pleasure.

But it’s not how God intended sex to be.  And so in that sense, God is not present in the fact that sex with a different person every weekend, or sex beyond the safety of marriage displeases God. 

So God is everywhere.  All the time.  We don’t stumble upon him, as though he is suddenly there when he wasn’t a second earlier.  He doesn’t arrive on the scene after us.  He’s everywhere all the time.  But just because you’re passionate about something and really enjoying it doesn’t necessarily mean that you and God are on the same page.

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