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Travel Thoughts

June 3, 2019

It is still a source of amazement to me that in the span of  a few hours I can be thousands of miles away from my starting point, with nothing more accompanying me than a wallet, a phone, and a change of underwear.

Nothing makes me so aware of the copious room for improvement in my prayer life than those few seconds as I’m sitting on an airplane hurtling down a runway about to take off (or land).

Am I the only one who never outgrows that momentary feeling of excitement and astonishment that I am trusted enough to pay someone else to use their car for a few days and they just hand me the keys and off I go?


Skynet Jams

April 19, 2019

In all the worries about robots and artificial intelligence (AI), one element we might have neglected to worry about – what will our robot overlords listen to as they attempt to eradicate humanity?  I mean, if humans use our musical jams to get us through workouts and other rigorous things, why not AI?

So here is a death-metal streaming YouTube channel.  The music is created non-stop by an online neural network.  Seems kinda appropriate for a bunch of robot warriors, doesn’t it?


Logical Conclusions…

February 13, 2019

For those of you with kids or grandkids or great-grandkids.  Or for you, yourself.  As we try to justify doing things a way we know isn’t ultimately right or healthy, it’s always wise to see whether our justifications make sense when carried out to logical (and only somewhat tongue-in-cheek) conclusions.

For your consideration, one such extrapolation on the popular argument of living together before marriage to make sure it will work out.

Goldfish Now NBA Target Market

January 14, 2017

Thanks to Ken for sending this humorous article.  If you don’t believe shrinking attention spans is a problem, perhaps knowing that professional sports organizations are looking to make changes to keep games shorter will be a more compelling argument.

While I’m not sold entirely on the research, it’s not terribly surprising.  Funny how the end of the game is often where the greatest excitement is, so I would think that attention spans would actually be longer and more focused there rather than other parts of the game.  Maybe if half-times were shrunk  or the quarters were shorter it would accomplish the same goal of making the game shorter without eliminating some of the final drama.

Then again, I can count on one hand the number of games I’ve watched from start to finish in the past year of any sporting event.  Do whatever y’all want!

Too Little, Too Late

June 5, 2016

Why wasn’t this done decades ago?!?!?!?!?!

Still Not Funny

April 28, 2016

A painful but true bit of perspective to start your day, particularly if you have kids in college or anticipate having kids in college.  I blogged about this issue a few months back, but it seems to be getting only more true, and less funny.  If you think that sending your kid to college is the way to broaden their horizons and expose them to a diversity of ideas that will improve their thinking as well as their character, you should probably be watching the news and reconsidering this rationale.

There are bright spots here and there, signs that the efforts to destroy free speech and free thought in the quest for some illusory and dangerous “safety” will not be totally capitulated to.  But they are few.  Unless people are willing to stand up for their actual rights, rather than caving in to demands for fear of hurt feelings or economic damage, things are only going to get worse.




Defining Reality

April 18, 2016

Culturally we’re having a lot of difficulty right now grappling with the idea of reality.  What makes a person who they are?  Do I have the ultimate right to determine my identity, and on what basis?  Should other people have not only the right but the responsibility to say that my self-identification is incorrect, or at least that my self-identification does not automatically entitle me to be treated completely as I would prefer to.

Gender and sexual self-identification have been the primary elements of this confusion.  Does a man become a woman – or does he have the right to be treated as a woman – just because that’s what he likes?  Should a woman expect to be accepted as a man just because that’s what she prefers?  And if so, then on what basis, and are there lines we should expect not to be crossed in regards to self-identification creating reality?  While young people are being increasingly forced to accept (or brainwashed) this idea of self-defined reality, there are clearly areas where they recognize that there is a problem when the same precepts are extended, logically.  Unfortunately, they have no means of being able to say why they have a problem.  They end up trying to roll over their natural recognition of something amiss and stay in step with cultural assertions, but without any way of really supporting the cultural stance – or their instinctive one, for that matter.

Here’s a cute video showing this phenomena in action.  Yes, it’s painful to watch, but very instructive!


Time Sink II

March 11, 2016

Sermon preparation almost demands interruption.  This time, instead of album cover locations, it’s a site dedicated to the premise that almost any movie could end with Dire Strait’s Walk of Life.  Now, I enjoyed this song  a great deal when it first came out, but it’s hardly what I’d call Dire Strait’s best song.  But I gotta admit it’s a humorous concept, and you may enjoy reliving the final two minutes or so of some of your favorite movies.  With a musical change.


February 29, 2016

I found this in my bookmarks bar from a month ago.  Boy, was I optimistic.  Needless to say, I haven’t needed this handy guide.  Tragically.

No Laughing Matter

February 1, 2016

How bad is the climate of political correctness in institutions of higher learning?  So bad that you can’t even laugh about it.  Famed comedian John Cleese has stopped making appearances at colleges and universities (presumably in Great Britain).  Because student sensitivity to anything that could possibly be understood as critical of anyone is so high, that comedy ceases to function.  “All comedy is critical,” Cleese observes.