Pool Hall – Monaco Billiard Game Club, Hanoi Vietnam

This is the place I visited with my buddy over six years ago on my first trip to Hanoi. It hasn’t really changed at all other than it no longer serves alcohol, just near-beer which was pretty much undrinkable to me. It’s located in the East Lake area, on the eastern side of Ho Tay Lake, just a little South of the Hanoi Club. The street is full of restaurants and at least one club. But this place is about pool.

It has ten 8′ tables. The tables, rails, and cloth are all in very good condition even though they cater to a wide range of players from novice to advanced. I played a few games against a young Vietnamese man home from studying at university in Australia. House cues are in decent condition and if you want to pay 30,000 – 50,000 Vietnames Dong (about $1.25 – $2.15 at current exchange rates) you can rent cues in better condition. Basic house cue tips weren’t fantastic but were workable. They definitely keep their equipment in good condition.

It wasn’t very busy early in the night when I showed up – maybe three other tables in use. They had nothing to drink other than fake beer – no sodas, no hard alcohol. Though it’s air conditioned it’s still very humid and having something cold to drink is practically a necessity. I probably won’t return here simply for that reason. Which is too bad because it’s an otherwise great place to play.

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