Pool Hall – Kingdom Pool & Bar – Medan, North Sumatra, Indonesia

This was the first pool hall I checked out in Medan. It’s by no means the best, but it still holds an appeal for me I can’t really explain. There are six tables in a small room. As typical with Southeast Asia establishments, the AC units are never fully adequate to the task of keeping the room truly cool, and so unless you’ve acclimated to the climate you’re going to likely be sweaty and uncomfortable. Just an FYI. If you happen to be in this part of the world you aren’t going to be surprised by this!

The tables are 8′ and in reasonable condition given the heavy play they receive, by and large from teens and young folks. There’s a large area with tables and seating and a bar, and at night the place feels somewhat like a club, albeit a not very popular one. The music is loud but I’ve not seen the place really grooving. As with most bars in Medan you can get food (I haven’t tried it but it’s typical Indonesian fare like nasi goreng, etc.), a variety of non-alcoholic drinks, sodas, iced teas, and the ubiquitous local beer, Bintang, along with Heineken and a few others.

Cues are not in the best of shape and there are specific break cues you’re supposed to use for breaking. These are poorly marked but the table girls will likely point them out to you.

As typical in other places in Southeast Asia I’ve played, there are table girls (and to a far lesser extent, guys) who are there to rack the balls for your game. You can tell them eight- or nine-ball. Quality of racking skills varies widely so if it’s important to you pay attention. Particularly the girls here are not necessarily skilled or even very interested in what they’re doing so pay attention and correct as necessary. It’s customary to tip them when you’ve concluded your time.

This place runs specials during the week and some of these specials limit your playing time to an hour but at a discounted price on the table time or the drinks. Be forewarned if you aren’t adept at the language this might be confusing when they ask you to leave just when you’re getting warmed up!

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