Pool Hall – Crown Billiards, Clearfield, UT

The only pool hall proper in the greater Ogden area, this is definitely a place you can skip. Pictures would not do it justice, in that they couldn’t adequately convey the disarray and general disheveled nature of this place. I think I saw someone with a glass of draft beer but I’d be hard pressed to tell you where they obtained it. There was nothing identifiable as a bar in the traditional sense of taps, wells, etc.

There are two rooms, and perhaps the difference is one room is smaller coin-op bar boxes and the other room (the one you’re likely to enter into) has bigger tables for rent by the hour. It’s clearly a family place as there were couples with small children or infants hanging around.

I’ve played in a lot of pool bars and I pride myself on trying to be fairly conciliatory about reviewing them. This one appears safe, and the tables are in better condition than in other more traditional bars. House cues appeared to be straight and tipped which is not always the case! But in terms of ambiance, this place lacks a lot. More like playing in someone’s garage (albeit with air conditioning). If you go there with that expectation you’ll probably do just fine.

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