Pool Hall – Mill Avenue Cue Club, Tempe, AZ

Mill Avenue Cue Club has been around since at least 1994 and I remember when it launched. At the time I found it too trendy and almost always too packed to even get a table. After visiting once or twice, I never considered it an actual place to shoot pool. Fortunately Tempe boasts several other options, and has for a long time!

So I went here not expecting to like it, but wanting to see it again. I think they’ve done some interior redesign since the 90’s. The front half of the place is dedicated to the bar, with bar stool seating as well as a few club-style booths. The pool tables are all in the back of the place. Probably close to ten tables total, 8′ footers. The felt is slooooowww, and the rails are not terribly responsive. But given that this place draws heavily from local university students, I’m sure the owners (and patrons) don’t care much about that.

It has a certain club-style vibe to it. Thumping music played loudly. Lots of university students and people in their 20’s. A lot of dressing to impress. Prices are steeper than a typical pool hall both for table time as well as drinks, but still manageable. The La Paloma I ordered was a bit more dry (bitter) than I prefer but at least it was available!

This is not a place for shooters, but it’s a great place within walking distance of dorms and a slew of new apartments and condos and so it’s naturally a busy place. I had to wait about 15 minutes at 10pm to get a table. Go to enjoy the view, but if you’re really wanting a good game of pool on a good table, or a reasonable chance of finding someone to match up against, this probably isn’t your place.

Or mine.

2 Responses to “Pool Hall – Mill Avenue Cue Club, Tempe, AZ”

  1. Ansen Says:

    If little man syndrome had a face. This place is empty for a reason. I get that some people can be crazy when drunk. But for the actual people that are level headed, he is entirely too disrespectful. Racial discrimination is alive and well at this place. DONT GO HERE GUYS! They employed a male KAREN!!

    • mrpaulnelson Says:

      Hi Ansen. Sorry you had a bad experience at Mill Avenue Cue Club. However my intentions with these posts are not to create a Yelp sort of feedback place. Hopefully you’ll find a better spot to shoot – there are lots of them in the area!

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