Pool Halls – a Travelogue

I’ve been playing pool since I was 18 or so. I can’t remember how I got started, other than my best buddy and I discovered the game and fell in love with it. It is a love maintained for me over decades. And in the last decade, a love I have started to document. As I’ve had the opportunity or necessity to travel in the United States or around the world, I’ve begun to make a priority out of finding local places to play pool, if only briefly.

Part of how I document my travels and experiences is in acquiring t-shirts from the places I’ve played. But not everywhere I’ve played sells t-shirts. So I’m going to start documenting here. As opportunity and memory permits.

I’ll go back and fill-in through this blog as close to chronologically accurate as possible those places I remember. I’ll try to use the title Pool Hall as a way of easily searching through (for myself more so than for others), so if you’re interested you can search for that and pull up all the related entries. Maybe it will be helpful to others who love the game and are looking for places to play. More than likely, it will just be a fond way for me to remember places I’ve played.

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