Pool Hall – The Corner Pocket, Sioux City, IA

Located on 5th Street and Fairmount on the northeast side of Sioux City, this appears to be the main pool hall in town, at least for bar-sized (7′ x 3.5′) tables. I’ve played a lot of places but this place is unique so far in terms of what it costs.

Essentially, for every drink you buy (whether a $3 bottled water or a $5.50 Jack & Coke) you can play pool and/or darts for an hour. I’m not sure how closely they watch the clock. I bought two drinks and played for at least two hours.

The tables appear to all be bar tables. The felt is pretty coarse – no Simonis felt here and no Diamond tables for that matter! Some were coin-op bar boxes but at least one looked like an old-school carved leg table. It was easy to find a straight cue with plenty of tip on it.

The bar stocks pretty basic stuff. I didn’t see tequila (my personal favorite) but they had Jack Daniels and other basics and bottom-shelf options. This is not the place to come for a cocktail or a top-shelf drink – come here to shoot pool or throw darts.

I played a local guy who assured me this was the only (and cheapest) place to play pool in town. At least a casual Google search showed he was right. Leagues are in town, but they don’t play out of Corner Pocket (allegedly because the league president also owns all the coin-op tables in town at the various bars, but doesn’t own the tables at Corner Pocket).

A nice place to shoot if you aren’t looking for top quality tables. Heavy country, rap, and Hispanic music on the juke box. Inexpensive but basic drinks.

One Response to “Pool Hall – The Corner Pocket, Sioux City, IA”

  1. Dianne Pedersen Says:

    What fun.

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