Pool Hall – Musette Bar, Omaha, NE

As mentioned earlier, I was referred to this place by a shooter at Big John’s who said there were plenty of people here who would be interested in wagering. It’s in a trendy little district called Benson right on Maple Street and there were plenty of people out and about still. It doesn’t look like much from the outside.

Inside things are just about as low-key and undistinguished. There are six tables – good quality but I don’t remember if they were Diamonds or not. When I arrived about 10:30pm it looked like league play was wrapping up, with three tables or so still with active matches on them. It’s a cash bar only. There are dart boards and shuffleboard as well in case you get tired of pool.

Most people were headed home when I got there so I didn’t stay long. A mixture of older players as well as younger university students. I’m sure it probably got busy again a while after I left, and I assume Fridays and Saturdays are probably also busier. Definitely a good place to check out if you’re willing to back your skill with a little cash!

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