Pool Hall – The O Lounge – Norfolk, NE

I went here with a colleague of mine who told me this was one of the few places in town with pool tables. It’s located on the north side of town off of Riverside Boulevard just south of West Benjamin Avenue. While we had intentions of visiting another place called The Mint, we didn’t get around to it. So, for Norfolk, Nebraska, the O Lounge has to represent.

It is less than a stellar representation!

In a word, don’t come here unless you’re really desperate for a game. While the bar itself wasn’t bad, the tables were atrocious, and that’s not just because of the grey felt. It’s because of the ripped, torn, and worn grey felt. The tables looked like they had been used as tee-off spots for a local golf course. Eight-foot tables but really, really worn and badly kept up. Cost was $1 per rack, on your honor (a bin under each table where you could deposit a dollar – no coin-op arrangements).

This is primarily a bar. Apparently they have league play for shuffleboard but not for pool. Some rough characters but my buddy (who is *not* rough) didn’t feel at all ill-at-ease playing there, and indicated he had been there regularly for shuffleboard. In fact, he indicated the bar had undergone a bit of a facelift at some point in the past few years that had improved the quality of clientele in direct proportion to the better indoor lighting.

Not a pool player’s place, but if you’re in Norfolk and need a pool fix, you can go here! Though I might suggest you check out The Mint or another option first!

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  1. Dianne Pedersen Says:

    Enjoy Nebraska

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