Pool Hall – Q and Brew – Tempe, AZ

I’ve been shooting at this pool hall since the early 90’s. For better or worse, little has changed in 30 years. For a long time it had the worst men’s bathroom (can’t speak to the ladies’ room) in any pool hall I ever encountered except for one spot in California (detailed earlier in this blog!).

Although it had an earlier existence in Old Town Tempe, I’ve only ever known it tucked away on the end of a set of strange strip malls on the southwest corner of Mill and Southern Avenues.

It boasts 5-6 bar boxes, one competition quality table (not Simonis cloth, but definitely better maintained than the other tables), and at least 7-8 8″ tables. Drinks are cheap and uncomplicated. Same owner for as long as I’ve been going there. Clientele is unpretentious and there to have a good time rather than cause trouble. APA leagues play out of it the first part of the week. Jukebox selections run the gamut of classic rock to modern pop and rap. Generally not a lot of country music.

They do a pretty good job of taking care of their tables. Not tournament quality but overall the felt is kept in good shape along with the bumpers. The place is hidden at the back of a massive parking lot for a strip mall, but is worth a stop by if you just want to play a simple game of pool and are more concerned about relaxing than a money game or top-quality tables.

A lot of nostalgia for this place for me, which perhaps clouds my ability to be objective. It’s not fancy, but it’s comfortable. And it’s one of the only places in the East Valley (or anywhere in the Valley) to last this long while still being first and foremost a pool hall.

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