Vibrant Christian Homes

Our denomination has a series of different para-organizations and publications that go out on a regular basis.  One such organization is called Lutheran Hour Ministries.  LHM provides a variety of resources in a variety of formats on a variety of topics, all aimed at helping Christians live out their faith with an eye towards sharing the Gospel with those who do not yet know Jesus the Christ as their Lord and Savior.  I’ve used some of their materials over the years.  But their recent newspaper caught my eye with the caption Do You Have a Spiritually Vibrant Home?

I have to admit, it piqued my interest.  Based on cooperation with Barna Institute and drawing on some of their research, LHM has put together some materials to assist families in creating spiritually vibrant homes.  As much as that may sound like a bad motif from the Home Shopping Network, I am a firm believer that the majority of faith formation – or lack thereof – happens in the home, rather than in the pews at church.  A few takeaways from the article and materials:

They break households into three major categories based on three major behaviors.  The first is spiritual practices, meaning regular prayer and Bible reading as a family through the week.  The second key behavior is spiritual conversations, meaning the household talks about God and faith on a weekly basis together.  The final behavior is hospitality, meaning welcoming non-family guests over on a regular basis (at least a few times a month).  Based on these three key behaviors, households fall into one of three survey categories:

  • Spiritually vibrant – practice all three key behaviors.  Only 25% of households seem to fall into this category
  • Devotional – engage in spiritual practices and conversations but not so much hospitality
  • Dormant – don’t really engage in any of the three key behaviors

I haven’t investigated the materials yet, but I’m considering it.  You can look at them here.  The idea is that even if your household is not currently a spiritually vibrant place, with incremental changes over time it could be.  Obviously, this doesn’t allow a lot of room for personality types, which I think can be unfair.  But it’s a good way to think about the routines we establish and maintain in our households and how they impact our life of faith.

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