(Not) Paying the Piper

It’s refreshing to see the recent court ruling indicating the Federal Government does have the right to deny certain grants and funding to states or cities that refuse to cooperate in enforcing Federal Law.  At issue is the matter of immigration policy and sanctuary cities or states that explicitly mandate local law enforcement to not assist Federal agents in any way not dictated explicitly by law.  These cities or states set themselves in opposition to Federal Law in an area (immigration) that is clearly a Federal rather than a state or local matter, and then expect there be no ramifications – particularly financial – to their defiance.

I don’t consider myself an advocate of big government at all, but clearly immigration policy is a Federal issue and should be.  The idea that 50 different states could determine 50 different policies is ridiculous and dangerous.  So is the misguided notion that we are assisting people by requiring them to live in enclaves of half-protection instead of offering a clear and direct path to citizenship if that is their intention.

Hopefully there will be some recognition, if this ability to withhold Federal funding from non-compliant cities and states continues and  gains momentum, that we are indeed ruled by Federal as well as State law, and individual states should not have the arbitrary right to flout this reality without facing consequences.  If people are unhappy with our immigration policies, the solution is to push for change, not to simply claim we won’t abide by the particular rules we don’t like.

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