Book Review: Love Leads

Love Leads: The Creative, Missional Leader and Church by Frank Janzow

It isn’t often I get to read something by someone I know.  I know Janzow only barely as my father-in-law’s lifelong best friend.  A warm, gentle spirit who enjoyed a long and successful career as a Lutheran pastor, the vast majority of which career was at a single congregation in Wisconsin.  He has an amazing voice and is a gifted guitarist and song-writer as well.

I inherited this book through a clergy friend.  It’s not a long or difficult book to read, clocking in at just over 150 pages.  The concepts here are not new or novel, but derived from a lifetime  in ministry.  He speaks from experience and he speaks with passion.  the book is interspersed with personal anecdotes and stories from his years in ministry.  The book comes to me at a good time, when the call to change has stalled and floundered and is in danger of falling silent.  A good reminder to stand firm in my convictions even if they aren’t popular with everyone.

It’s a good reminder that even warm, gentle spirits are sometimes called upon to weather gusts of opposition, and to do so never forgetting that someone doesn’t cease to be a child of God just because they disagree with you.


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