Weekly Devotion

Colossians 1:13

Thirty years ago, the world was surprised and delighted when almost without warning, the Berlin Wall fell. The bitter bricks that divided a nation, a city, a people – suddenly gone. People clambering from the eastern side of the wall safely to the western side and, before long, the wall itself dismantled. Portions spirited away for personal and family memorabilia and public museums.

For 28 years life in Berlin was defined by which side of the wall you lived on. On the Eastern, Communist side, life was conditioned by the State. Eyes and ears were everywhere, listening in on citizens held captive. Many of them never had the opportunity to decide which side of the wall they lived on. They were born there. It was all they knew. Drab architecture, the bleakness of food and other essential shortages. Lack of opportunity to pursue the kind of work they wanted or the type of education they wanted. Lack of freedom to discuss certain topics. Lack of freedom to worship. Hemmed in on all sides by the State who desired to keep captive those who would not choose its authority freely.

And then in October 1989, those who had spent their lives imprisoned were set free. They entered into a new city, a new nation, a new state of being. They were free. The State no longer had any control over them. That State continued to exist for some time, but they were no longer part of it. They had crossed over into a domain not of darkness but light. Not of enslavement but freedom. There could be no comparison between the two. A whole new way of thinking, acting, and living was required. It was an adjustment, but one happily made!

This is what has happened to us in Christ. We have been brought through faith and trust in the Son of God’s death and resurrection on our behalf, out of the slavery of sin and death and Satan. We are no longer subjects in that domain. We are transferred by God the Father to a new domain, to the domain of forgiveness, grace, and Christ. We had no choice about which kingdom we were born into, and we were helpless to change it. But in accepting the good news of Jesus Christ for ourselves, we have received new identity and citizenship that will never end. All of this not of our own doing but solely the good grace of God the Father conveyed to us by God the Holy Spirit through trust and faith in God the Son. To God alone is the glory – to us is the blessing!

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