Weekly Devotional

1 John 3:1-3

You can hear the wonder in John’s voice. When was the last time you felt that wonder? The wonder that you, right now, here today, are a child of God’s? Isn’t it amazing? Isn’t it beyond belief, so wondrous as it is? You and I – sinful, broken, self-centered, stubborn, envious, petty – you and I are children of God. Not because we paid for it, not because we demanded it, not because we earned it, but simply because God says we are and we believe him. I cannot make you a child of God. Only God can do that. I can – and should! – share that wonderful truth and reality with you, but only God can declare it so.

It must be God’s declaration, on God’s terms. Adam and Eve discovered the hard way that, as with any petulant child who more privileges than he is capable of handling, the bite of the apple didn’t convey adulthood so much as make us child-like in all the wrong ways. Children not so much of God as children of sin and evil. All the worst aspects of children. God as the Creator, Redeemer and Sanctifier is the only one capable of reversing the judgment declared in Eden. The only one capable of making us his children again.

And if this is who God says we are, who are we to argue? I can’t doubt God’s Word! I certainly can’t claim to have better knowledge than the Creator as to whether or not the Redemption is mine. Does God say it’s mine? Then it’s mine! As I accept his promise, does his promise become real and true for me? Of course!

The world has little use for children. They don’t earn and they don’t spend. But in the Kingdom of God, only children can receive the love of God the Father. A love we can never fully comprehend this side of eternity, but a love we spend our lives in earnest desire to be more and more worthy of.

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