Worship Works

I presume I’m  not alone as a pastor in being human as well.  Particularly, that I’m prone to emotions, moods, and other issues that everyone else deals with.  The collar doesn’t remove me from this reality, and that reality is not limited to the six days and 22.5 hours every week I’m not leading worship.

This morning was a hard morning.  The emotions were stirring strongly, and they weren’t positive ones.  Frustration and anger – I couldn’t shake them.  Accompanying feelings of rejection and injury nipped at their heals.  I could work at keeping them at bay intellectually.  I could exercise self-control in ensuring they didn’t surface too visibly.  But they were there.  All morning as I made final worship preparations and then as worship began.  It’s a horrible feeling to lead worship when your heart isn’t in it.

But worship works.  It really does.  The historic liturgy of the Western Church – it’s easily dismissed by some as out of date but there’s a great deal of wisdom in what it  does and how it does it.  Reading, chanting, singing the Word of God together, and receiving his gifts in Word and Sacrament are healing.  Really, truly healing.  And by the end of the service, I was healed.  Not that those emotions won’t resurface.  I’m not any less human because of worship.

But perhaps, for a few moments during and after, I am a little more  fully human than my sinful emotions would have me believe.

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