Weekly Devotion

Weekly Devotion – September 23, 2019

Luke 10:17-20

A few decades ago, angels were everywhere.

An explosion of angel-mania erupted on bumper stickers, t-shirts, bookmarks, book covers, figurines and most any other conceivable place. Fueled in part perhaps by popular Christian books like This Present Darkness, Christians were equally swept up in this fever, proud perhaps that something Christian was receiving so much secular attention. In other situations, these angels were hardly Scriptural. Removed from a larger context, they became little more than good luck tokens or lucky charms comforting thoughts to get people through the day.

But the goal of the follower of Christ is not just to get through the day, but to get to heaven! Jesus points this out to his disciples, who are understandably caught up in excitement over the things they have witnessed and performed in Jesus’ name. But these are not what should excite us, Jesus clarifies. What should bring us greatest joy is not just to get through the day, not even to command demons to submit in Jesus’ name, but rather the knowledge of the death and resurrection of the Son of God on our behalf. His resurrection, ascension and promised return should be our greatest joy as followers of Christ because through our faith and trust in his works, we have eternal life! Our names are written in heaven. God knows us not just as his creations but as part of his Son’s body, the Church.

What greater source of comfort or hope could their be beyond the atoning work of Jesus and the ongoing presence of the very Holy Spirit of God? To be sure, angels are real and do their God-appointed work among us. Sometimes we are privileged to get a glimpse of this. But what matters most of all is the God who created both angels and humans, and who has provided a way of forgiveness and grace for a humanity enslaved to sin and Satan. What a blessing to know the great sacrifice of God the Son was made for you! And as you trust in this, you receive eternal life, something that begins here and now not just once we’re dead!

Give thanks that we are not alone, that God’s angels are around us, but never let that reality distract you from the faith in Jesus Christ that grants peace and joy here and now and for eternity!

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