Staying Aware

Thanks to Matthew for alerting me to this latest Barna study examining what younger folks (Millenials) want when they come to church.  Matthew noted this article, which gives the link to the more  official summary above, which includes in turn a link to a fuller, free edocument you can download here if you like (I didn’t).

This study is right on track with what most studies have been saying for years now.  Trying to pander to contemporary tastes is not what younger folks want from a church.  They want an authenticity that makes them part of something larger, a tradition of faith and worship deeper than their own lifetime.  It should be noted that the respondents were apparently asked in context of if they went to a church.  It doesn’t indicate if they do currently, or why they  might consider doing so if they aren’t already – key pieces of information!  But it’s good to remember that people who are used to being marketed to incessantly can smell a sales pitch, even if it’s veiled in theological language or contemporary worship packaging.

First and foremost we need to be the body of Christ.  This level of authenticity resonates with people of all ages.  And contrary to current popular wisdom, I disagree with aiming your service at any particular demographic.  Be who you are.  Don’t fake it  hoping others will show up.  Don’t water things down for fear of frightening them off.  This is not who the Church is!  Be welcoming, be authentic, be faithful, be bold.


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