Just Teach

God is good.

There are times I’m tempted to presume someone isn’t really interested in his Word.  Really can’t relate to it.  Really can’t deal with serious teaching about Scripture.  There are times when I hold back from going deeper for fear of boring people to death or leaving them more confused than when we began.

Lord knows there are more than enough times when I study his Word and feel like I have less understanding after than before.

But God is good.  And I’m grateful for his loving reminders to just teach his Word.  As well as I’m able.  As deeply as possible.  Trusting that it’s his Holy Spirit that is really doing all the hard work, regardless of how much work I’ve put in to preparing.  And that the Holy Spirit will open the way for whatever is going to happen through that teaching, regardless of who is listening or not listening.  What a glorious blessing it is to be proven wrong by and with and through the Word that at once condemns my folly (or arrogance?  or condescension?) and then pronounces forgiveness.

To God alone be all the glory.

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