I, For One, Welcome Our Future Robot Overlords

The hugely successful Terminator movie franchise was centered around machines gaining consciousness and waging war against their human creators.  Implicit in this is that machines had the ability to wage war against humans.  It wasn’t simply outthinking us (an area we kept the edge on them with) but the ability to hunt us down.  Machines were aware and mobile.

We’ve long had a tense relationship with automated technology.  But not until recently has it seemed possible that we might actually be able to create artificial intelligence (AI).  I do worry about those implications.  But I worry about them more as we simultaneously improve the mobility of machines.  Maybe you’ve seen some of the strides (ha!) that have been made in this area.  Robots capable of running and jumping like humans.  Robots capable of jumping like very athletic and trained humans.

And now, robots capable of flying themselves.

Well, you can just rock me to sleep tonight.

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