Your Family Altar – June 3, 2018

A Weekly Devotional Resource

  • Sunday – Reflect on Today’s Service & Sermon
  • Monday – Old Testament Reading – Genesis 3:8-15
    • Why do you think God addresses Satan first for punishment?
    • How is Jesus the fulfillment of 3:15?
  • Tuesday – Epistle Reading – 2 Corinthians 4:13-5:1
    • Is Paul trying to ignore or hide his suffering?
    • How can Paul continue going despite the hardships he faces?
  • Wednesday – Gospel Reading – Mark 3:20-35
    • Why might the religious leaders assume demonic power in Jesus?
    • How do Jesus’ words in vs. 33-35 apply to you?
  • Thursday Psalm 130
    • What is the speaker asking mercy for?
    • Does the speaker receive what they ask for?
  • Friday Luther’s Small CatechismConfession
    • What are the two parts of confession?
    • Should we attempt  to uncover every little and last sin in confession?
  • Saturday –  Hymn – The Tree of Life
    • What did Satan use to tempt Adam and Eve (v.2)?
    • Note that two trees frame all creation history!


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