Your Family Altar – May 20, 2018

A Weekly Devotional Resource
  • Sunday – Reflect on this Morning’s Service & Sermon
  • Monday – Old Testament Lesson – Isaiah 6:1-8
    • What specific descriptors of God are given?
    • Which person of the Trinity do you think Isaiah sees?
  • Tuesday – New Testament Reading – Acts 2:14b, 22-36
    • Does Peter assume his hearers already know something about Jesus (v.22)?
    • What is the specific reason for Peter’s conclusion in verse 36?
  • Wednesday – Gospel – John 3:1-17
    • Who is Nicodemus and where else is he mentioned in Scripture?
    • What is the basis of salvation (v.15, 16)?
  • Thursday Psalm 29
    • Who do you think the heavenly beings are in verse 1?
    • How does God turn his strength towards us so we don’t fear him (v.11)?
  • Friday Luther’s Small CatechismSacraments
    • Who is supposed to be teaching these lessons and to whom?
    • What is the definition of a sacrament?
  • Saturday – Hymn: Holy, Holy, Holy
    • Why do you think  the saints adore God (v.2)?
    • What darkness can hide God (v.3)?


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