YFA – April 22, 2018

A Weekly Devotional Resource


  • Sunday – Reflect on Today’s Sermon & Service
  • Monday – First Reading – Acts 8:26-40
    • Why might Luke have included the last part of v.26?
    • How does the last part of v.26 relate to v.27?
  • Tuesday – Epistle Lesson – 1 John 4:1-11
    • Why must Christians be discerning about what and who they believe?
    • Are we to fear these false prophets?
  • Wednesday – Gospel – John 15:1-18
    • Why is it inevitable that followers of Jesus will bear fruit?
    • How is it that we are to abide in the love of Jesus?
  • Thursday Psalm 150
    • What is a lute?
    • Where is God to be praised?
  • Friday – Small Catechism – The Lord’s Prayer, 5th Petition
    • Read Matthew 18.  How does it relate to this petition?
    • According to Luther, does God answer prayer on the basis of our merit?
  • Saturday – Hymn – Listen, God Is Calling
    • What is the good news we are commanded to share (v.1)?
    • Who is the good news intended for (v.2)?


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