YFA – March 11, 2018

A Weekly Devotional Resource
  • Sunday – Meditate on this morning’s service & sermon
  • Monday – Old Testament – Jeremiah 31:31-34
    • How is this new covenant created (Luke 22)?
    • How has God written his Law on our hearts?
  • Tuesday – Epistle – Hebrews 5:1-10
    • How does the role of priest/pastor differ from Jesus’ role today?
    • What was the ultimate nature of the Son’s obedience (v.8)?
  • Wednesday – Gospel – Mark 10:32-45
    • How complete is Jesus’ prediction of his betrayal and death?
    • Why do you think the other disciples are indignant (v.41)?
  • Thursday – Psalm 119:9-16
    • How do you store up God’s Word in your heart (v.11)?
    • How do you meditate on God’s precepts (v.15)?
  • Friday – Luther’s Small Catechism – The Lord’s Prayer Introduction
    • Who is this prayer addressed to?
    • What does it mean to say that God is in heaven?
  • Saturday – (LSB #436) – Go to Dark Gethsemane
    • How is Gethsemane a source of strength against temptation (v.1)?
    • What are we called to experience as his followers (v.2)?



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