YFA – March 4, 2018

A Weekly Devotional Resource


  • Sunday – Reflect on Today’s Service & Sermon
  • Monday – Old Testament –  Numbers 21:4-9
    • Are the serpents the real cause of death?  Why or why not?
    • Why is looking at the bronze serpent required?
  • Tuesday –  Epistle – Ephesians 2:1-10
    • What does Paul attribute the source of death to?
    • What is God’s purpose in all of this (v.7)?
  • Wednesday – Gospel – John 3:14-21
    • Now do you think the serpents were the root cause of death?
    • Is Jesus good news or bad news for a dying and sinful world?
  • Thursday – Psalm – Psalm 107:1-9
    • Who alone is fit to give God praise (v.2)?
    • How will you give thanks to God today for his mercy and love?
  • Friday – Luther’s Small Catechism – Apostle’s Creed – Third Article
    • Amid church divisions, what does one holy Christian Church mean?
    • What does Luther claim the Church exists to do?
  • Saturday – (LSB#437) Alas! And Did My Savior Bleed
    • Where is God’s grace and pity in the death of Christ (v.2)?
    • Why might we hide our blushing face at the cross (v.4)?


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