YFA – February 18, 2018

A Weekly Devotional Resource
  • Sunday – Reflect Upon Today’s Service & Sermon
  • Monday – Old Testament – Genesis 17:1-7, 15-16
    • Why do you think God reiterates these promises to Abraham?
    • Do you consider yourself part of the fulfillment of these promises?
  • Tuesday – Epistle – Romans 5:1-11
    • What is the primary promise we have from God in Christ (vs.1-2)?
    • How does this promise help you when you suffer (vs.3-5)?
  • Wednesday – Gospel – Mark 8:27-38
    • How is Peter like Satan in this episode (vs.31-33)?
    • What is your greatest fear in terms of following Jesus?
  • Thursday – Psalm 22:23-31
    • How do you imagine all the ends of the earth turning to God (v.27)?
    • Is our hope in God only temporal, or eternal (vs. 26b, 29-31)?
  • Friday – Luther’s Small Catechism – The Apostles Creed 1st Article
    • Is God the Father’s creative work finished or ongoing?
    • What is the ultimate gift of creation that I will receive from God?
  • Saturday – Hymn – When I Survey the Wondrous Cross
    • What about the cross causes us to hold all else meaningless (v.1)?
    • What has Christ purchased in his blessed death (v.4)?


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