YFA – February 11, 2018

A Weekly Devotional Resource


  • Sunday – Reflect on today’s service & sermo
  • Monday – Old Testament – Genesis 22:1-18
    • Why is it important that verse 1 tells us this is a test?
    • What (or who) would you be least willing to trust to God?
  • Tuesday – Epistle – James 1:12-18
    • Have you attempted to blame God before for your temptation?
    • What should we expect instead from God (vs.16-i8)?
  • Wednesday – Gospel – Mark 1:9-15
    • What might God the Father be pleased about Jesus at this point?
    • Does Jesus seek temptation or does God the Father command it (v.12)?
  • Thursday – Psalm – Psalm 25:1-10
    • How is trust related to the study of God’s Word (vs. 2, 4-5)?
    • What is God’s eternal character (vs.8-10)?
  • Friday – Luther’s Small Catechism – The Apostle’s Creed Intro
    • Why is the creed divided into three separate articles?
    • What might this tell us about the creed’s purpose?
  • Saturday – Hymn – In the Cross of Christ I Glory
    • What might be meant by “the wrecks of time” (v.1)?
    • Is the cross only of use and comfort in suffering (v.3)?


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