Christmas Eve & Christmas Day Readings

In addition to the regular readings for Sunday morning (which happens to be Christmas Eve this year), we have two additional services and sets of readings – one for Christmas Eve evening and one for Christmas morning worship.

For Christmas Eve I use a variety of readings from each of the Gospels to take hearers through the full Christmas story.

For Christmas morning I utilize the assigned lectionary texts for the day.  Since the readings for Christmas Day are usually the same, I’m switching up and using the texts for Christmas service at dawn, even though we aren’t meeting at dawn.  Those texts are:

  • Isaiah 62:10-12 – a beautiful call to God’s people to make final preparations for the long-anticipated arrival of her savior, ushering in a new day of peace and joy
  • Psalm 98 – a blessing and praise of God based on his mighty acts of mercy and creation
  • Titus 3:4-7 – a succinct restatement of the Gospel of Jesus Christ – that we are saved by him and not by our own efforts, however well-intentioned
  • Luke 2:1-20 – Luke’s account of Jesus’ birth, including angels & shepherds!



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