Catholics & Relics

Another interesting Catholic article, this time dealing with the very old practice of having relics in the altars (or other areas) or Roman Catholic churches.  Now, unlike other Protestants (perhaps) I don’t have a problem per se with the idea of relics.  But I do find it interesting that this gentleman argues that there is a Biblical precedent for this practice, referring to Revelation 6:9.

I find this a fascinating theological move!  If you read Revelation 6:9, you come away with the very definite impression that these are not relics being referred to, but living people.  Not physical people – but their souls.  These are two major differences between the Biblical text and the practice of relics.  Living spirits vs. dead bodies (or parts of bodies).

I like the Catholic theology that informs their architecture and much of their worship (essentially the same worship that many Protestants celebrate).  But I think it’s a rather large leap to go from living spirits to dead body pieces in the same breath.  At least I understand a little better their rationale for this, even if I’m not comfortable with their Biblical justification for it.


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