Book Review – True Spirituality

True Spirituality by Francis Schaeffer

I picked this up along with several other of Schaeffer’s works several years ago at my favorite used bookstore.  I rediscovered them while reorganizing the other day and decided to start with this one.

This is a fantastic book for those who are methodical thinkers.  For engineers and other folks who are trained or inclined to think through things carefully, untangling and examining consequences that might not be immediately apparent.  It is a thoughtful book in the sense that it causes you to think, and more so causes you to think about thinking and the way our thinking is to be conditioned and shaped through our baptism  into the death and resurrection of the Son of God, Jesus.  Schaeffer takes Biblical truths and has a knack here for stating them in logical ways that help me see from a different angle the reality that the Bible describes.  He bases much of his topics and progression on Paul’s letter to the Romans.

Schaeffer helped me to see in a different and exciting way the nature and even the purpose of the Christian life.  Why doesn’t God just wrap everything up?  What are we to be about while we wait for our Lord’s return?  What’s the point of this intermediate time of Christian life?  Schaeffer has some great insights into this.

Additionally, the book was helpful and very formative in my thinking about depression, a topic some of my parishioners have asked me to weigh in on.  And while depression may still be in some cases a clinical and even chemical or medical issue, because we are spiritual and physical creatures I believe it is also always something that impacts – and can be impacted by, our life of faith.   It isn’t just a matter of telling people to cheer up, but grounding ourselves in the Biblical argument against despair.  Considering the growing tide of depression in our culture, this seems of particular value and use.

Some of Schaeffer’s other writings can be very difficult reads and draw extensively on philosophical sources.  This book is very accessible though.  Certainly it won’t be for everyone, but what Schaeffer says makes sense and he organizes his thoughts well to show how we are recreated from the inside out by the Holy Spirit through faith in Jesus the Christ.


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