Growing Community

This past Sunday’s Happy Hour was considerably less volatile than the previous week.  The young woman who walked out the week before did not come.  I hope that there will be a chance to talk about things soon.

My wife has found a growing curiosity in our home school community about our Sunday evening gathering.  One mother and her son have visited several times over the past few months.  This last Sunday she brought her husband with her as well.  She’s also told another family – a Christian family – about our gathering and they intend to come this Sunday.  The quest for community takes on many shapes and forms.

We’ve also now experienced the first additions to the gathering of potential dating partners.  One of the young men has brought a girl twice now that he has been on at least two dates with.  To me, that’s rather amazing.  I’m not sure I would have been brave enough to bring a potential (or actual) girlfriend with me to a gathering of this sort.  The potential fallout if things didn’t work out would have been intimidating to me.  So we’re glad he feels comfortable enough to bring her.  She’s a very nice young woman who teaches here in town.  My wife and I have both had the chance to talk with her somewhat one-on-one.  It will be interesting to see if things work out between the two of them!


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