Because Science

I love this comic (though it is not always entirely child friendly).

I often talk with people who have been raised or who have self-educated themselves to assume that science has things all figured out.  We evolved from nothing.  Random chance.  Statistics.  How do we know these things?  Because we have it all figured out.  We know the timeline.  These people sometimes talk as though everything has been nailed down solid, as opposed to us squishy people of faith who don’t have facts to back us up.

The reality is that natural selection and evolutionary theory are far from proven, and far, far less nailed down than grade-school or grad school science teachers would like their charges to think.  Even among those who still think that evolution and natural selection are an adequate description of how and why we’re here, there are constantly evolving ideas and facts based on new data.

Just this week, we have data that challenges the accepted timeline of human evolution (or, more likely, challenging questions about how we date things).  Fossilized teeth in Germany are millions of years older than teeth that they are apparently quite similar to – but only known in Africa.  And another article asserts that saber-toothed animals were around a lot longer than scientists originally thought – and may also be linked to similar animals in North America.

In other words, the facts aren’t always the facts.  Natural selection and evolutionary theory remain interesting theories, but are hardly the set-in-stone Truths that some people would like others to believe they are.


One Response to “Because Science”

  1. sinner Says:

    Isn,t it amazing and that our God is beyond our reason and we mortals will never be capable of grasping his fullness and wonder this side of eternity.

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