Meanwhile, at the University of Georgia…

According to the University of Georgia’s web site, it only costs undergraduates $11,000 a year for in-state tuition and $30,000 a year for out of state tuition.  I guess you have to determine for yourself if that’s a good bargain when your kids can choose their own grades.  At least in one class, though I’m sure this is a trend that is only going to proliferate beyond this particular school unless we have our cultural meltdown sooner rather than later.

This policy is, of course, pure genius, and is particularly useful in preparing future business employes for the reality of name-your-own-salary interviews and of course the choose-any-office-you-want.  No sense dealing with the trauma and stress of all those pesky cubicles!  And it saves the professor a great deal of frustration in dealing with students who want help to boost their grades at the last minute.  No negotiations or awkward conversations necessary!


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