Your Life, Co-Opted

On the heels of my earlier post about how a soccer player’s dreams may have been broken by a team (or corporate?) decision to have the team honor gay rights rather than simply play soccer, here’s another example of how people’s lives are getting co-opted.  A local high school has a long-standing tradition, as in a 77 year old tradition, of male students wearing green gowns and female students wearing white gowns to graduation.  This building on another, almost equally old tradition of male students wearing suits to graduation and female students wearing white dresses.

But because of the current climate of  “inclusivity”, that tradition was scrapped this year so that everyone could wear green robes, thereby eliminating gender distinctions.  Students may not have been consulted about the change in advance, but no matter.  Scrap decades of tradition on the whim of a single on-campus group making a request for change.

I find it interesting (and disappointing) that it wasn’t just a matter of letting students who might identify as a different gender choose the robe color they wanted (the sparse news story didn’t indicate whether any student was actually affected or concerned about the issue).  Rather, everyone’s experience had to be altered.

It’s not enough simply to celebrate graduating high school.  It has to be a cultural/political statement as well.  It’s not enough simply to play a game like soccer, players must be utilized as propaganda for ownership preferences or interests.  Your skills and abilities will increasingly be co-opted for someone else’s agenda.  Congratulations, and welcome to a new age of tolerance and inclusivity.


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