Book Review – Lumberjack Jesus

Lumberjack Jesus by Bruce Kirkpatrick

My final year of seminary I took an elective course from one of my favorite professors on spiritual autobiographies.  It sounded interesting enough – I minored in literature during my undergrad and love to read.  What I quickly came to discover is that I have a very severe spiritual deficiency, in that spiritual autobiographies don’t much interest me.

The classics, like Augustine’s Confessions, I can deal with primarily for the historical value.  But while many people really enjoy reading someone else’s spiritual musings, I don’t.  So I didn’t actually finish this book.  The title is real.  But it was not compelling in the least to me after 40 pages, and this may not be any deficiency in the book or the author, but merely a reflection of my lack of spiritual maturity.

What the book did do is make me think about what I do here.  Why do I assume anyone else will be interested in what I think or have to say?  I trust that many of my followers do so out of the networking  principles that I will like and follow their blogs in return, and we’ll all become fabulously rich and wealthy  Or at least mutually congratulatory.  But because I’m a jerk, I don’t follow their blogs (let alone read them).  I’m single-handedly keeping the system from working, and I’m sorry.

But not sorry enough to change, apparently.

So somebody else can let me know if Lumberjack Jesus is any good.  Or if you have another favorite spiritual autobiography that you’d like me to consider.  Just be warned, I may not finish it.  Mea culpa.

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