Regal Legal

Lawyers are a common butt of jokes in our country, with widespread public perception of the field of law and those who practice it as being…well, unsavory, to say the least.  Not just the ambulance-chasing brand of lawyers as well.  Large segments of the public distrust a profession that seems to thrive on the exploitation of minutiae to champion injustice rather than justice.  For a hefty fee.

And stories like this don’t exactly encourage a more trusting attitude, regardless of the fact that this guy lives in Australia rather than America.

I wonder what client would feel comfortable retaining Mr. Moore’s services, knowing of his willingness to defraud a bank in order to make himself more comfortable?  I wonder how Mr. Moore conceives of making “the world a better place” while still looking back fondly on his theft and the excessive lifestyle it allowed for as “great”.

I’m not sure I trust his definition of “a better place”, or his means for reaching it!


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