The Importance (and Joy) of Reading

A great little essay from the Wall Street Journal on the many values and benefits of reading.  I may not agree or even know about some of the books that she lists, but she articulates clearly why reading is an important thing to do all your life.  I hate the damage that school can do by turning reading into a chore, a necessity, an obligation.  I have a nephew who doesn’t read on his own time because he has to read so much for school.  He associates (I believe) reading with drudgery rather than as a source of pleasure and growth all it’s own.

That’s why I post book reviews from time to time here.  It’s a reminder to me – and hopefully to others – that reading matters.  Reading to stretch the mind intellectually as well as to provide pleasure.  It’s easy to be distracted by digital pursuits these days, and so my reading rate is a lot slower than I would like it to be.  But this essay is an encouragement to fight to turn that around.  There’s so much good stuff out there waiting to be discovered!

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