Strategic Elections

It is interesting to see the various articles now popping up rather frequently, outlining ways in which we can avoid having either of the dismal front-runner options as our next President.  Or at least hold some very specific people, very responsible if those folks are elected.  While both parties would like the general population to believe that there really are only two options, and that voting third-party is equivalent to throwing away your vote, this is not necessarily true, depending on where you live.  It pays to remember that both the Democratic and Republican parties, while they might desperately not want the other party to win, are united in not wanting more viable parties competing for real votes in the future.  Ultimately, they would rather deal with the system staying the same even if the other party wins this election, than risking the whole system getting shaken up by additional parties becoming part of the mix.

Remember that both John Adams and George Washington warned against the dominance of a two-party system.  Tragically, their warnings weren’t enough to prevent such a system from evolving.

As such, as this article points out, third party candidates can be a valuable means of preventing either Billary or The Donald from winning on election day.  They might still win, of course, but if they do so, we will have a clear idea of who made that possible and can hold those individuals responsible when it comes time to re-elect them.  I have to think that the most terrified people in the country might be our own elected legislators in the US House of Representatives and US Senate, because if neither side gets the required 270 electoral votes, *they* have to elect the President and Vice President!

If this were not to work for some reason, there is another solution that guarantees a minimal amount of damage for the next four years, as I see it.

Elect Trump.

Now, as stated earlier, this is not because I like or agree with Trump or think that he’s in any way suited for this office.  He is not.  But neither is Hillary.  The difference is that Hillary is part of the system, and therefore the system will work with and for her.  Trump is not part of the system.  As such, the system will be united against him.  Do you think Trump will be able to get away with *any* shenanigans while in office?  Do you think he’ll be able to force through any unpleasant, disagreeable legislation?  No, because the Democrats and Republicans will work together to easily veto any questionable actions.  Trump will essentially be a one-term, four-year lame duck, and damage should be minimal.

Oh, he might do embarrassing things or say stupid things.  But he wouldn’t be the first president to do that, and he certainly is not likely to be the most embarrassing world leader (Italy has probably had that honor the longest).

Hillary, because she is part of the system and because people in the system (the Democratic party) will benefit from her patronage in various ways, will be able to count on a certain level of support from her party.  Perhaps complete support.

So if worst comes to worst, elect Trump to basically put things on pause for four years.  Hillary probably won’t be in shape to run again, and the Republican party won’t likely support Trump for a re-election bid.  We get two new candidates (which is pretty much an oxymoron, but we’ll go with it for now), and suffer minimal damage in the process.

It’s kinda sad to think that such a solution might be enviable compared to electing one of the two candidates the two parties have provided us.  Maybe in four years there will be other parties better able to mount a serious challenge to the existing two-party system and give us better options going forward.


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