Against Terror

Thanks to Lois for sharing this article.  The Pope recently convened religious leaders of various faith backgrounds at Assisi to make a united stand against terror.   I wonder if any of my denominational leader’s were present?  I presume not.

Much discussion rightly revolves around the issue of what can various denominations or even religions do together, without attempting to ignore the very real differences between them?  I think this is along the right lines.  Pretty much every religion and most philosophies should be able to agree that the killing of civilians for political ends is wrong and should be opposed (assuming we ignore those pesky verses in the Quran that strongly suggest the contrary.  Hmmmm).  They should be able to agree that their adherents should be exhorted to work towards this end.

I was glad to see that the various groups prayed in different locations rather than participating in a common service of prayer or worship.  That’s a good reminder – while we may agree on a few things, we disagree on many others.  Let’s figure out how to work together where we can without glossing over those disagreements!

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