Wet Bar Wednesday – Alabama Slammer I

Unlike many folks, I didn’t start drinking until I was legally old enough to.  Not growing up in a household where there was a lot of drinking, and not having friends who were into the party scene made this fairly easy and natural.  One of the only drinks I can remember from those early days of imbibing (other than my unnatural fondness for grenadine) was the Alabama Slammer.  So a recent acquisition of a bottle of sloe gin and Southern Comfort dictated that I look up how to make this drink.

There are multiple variations on this drink (as with many drinks!), which might explain why I remembered it differently than this one tasted.  However, this one is very good:

  • .5 oz vodka
  • .5 oz Southern Comfort
  • .5 oz amaretto
  • .5 oz sloe gin
  • Orange Juice

Mix all the ingredients together and pour over ice.  It’s a sweet, mellow drink that goes down remarkably easily.  Be warned!  Other versions of this drink use a bit of lemon juice instead of the orange juice, which is more like what I remembered from many moons ago.  Vodka also seems to be optional in other variations.  I’ll test out another version next week and let you know which is best.  Enjoy!





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