Thinking Theologically

How does one bring theology to bear on a topic of modern concern, such as how much to pay an employee?  Here’s one example of people attempting to use Scripture and theology (Jewish, not Christian) to help arrive at an answer.

There are lots of possible take-aways from this article, but at least at a basic level we should recognize that what we deal with today in our society and culture isn’t completely separate and different from what people dealt with thousands of years ago.  The fact that we have smart phones and drive cars doesn’t separate our investigation of the meanings of fairness from folks who used donkeys and by and large weren’t literate.

Certainly we have to be careful when we extrapolate from Scripture, which mandates individual behavior in a communal setting, and apply such principles to corporate behavior.  We might wish to argue that a corporation isn’t a person, but a collection of people and therefore under a different set of rules and obligations.  But people create corporations, and if Christians are creating them, we ought to expect that while the corporation may not be Christian in an overt sense, it  will be crafted with those sensibilities in mind.  In other words, incorporating isn’t a loophole out of following Biblical directives for someone who professes God’s Word to be the guiding word in their life.



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