What I Wish My Pastor Knew

I thought this was a touching article.  I can’t imagine what kids these days have to deal with.  Obstacles and hurdles that would have been almost unimaginable even in my childhood are probably routine these days.

It got me to think that maybe I should ask my parishioners this same question.  What do I wish my pastor knew about me?  What detail or fact or reality ought I to know about a parishioner that would help me know how best to minister to them?  That might determine the direction I take on a given sermon or Bible study?

Pastors get to know big picture details.  Births and deaths, confirmations and baptisms and marriages and divorces (sometimes!).   But these are just moments, lit up by lightning strikes in the midst of a day-to-day life that is often unknown.  Sometimes the things that most define us are the things we are least apt to blurt out in conversation, in a handshake before or after the service.  Even in a home visitation.


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