Safety Smarts

A fantastic letter from one university to incoming students that clearly defines university expectations in terms of the free exchange of intellectual ideas, regardless of how unpleasant some may find them.

It continues to puzzle me how everyone can assume that college and university should be prerequisite for literally everyone, yet students are increasingly unable and unwilling to handle anything on campus they don’t agree with.  Rather than equipping students to overcome these emotional or psychological hurdles, universities and colleges just accommodate them.

It’s a big world.  And while there are plenty of folks that seem to want to champion a uniformity of experience and thought under the guise of radical individualism, the reality is that you have to deal with thoughts and ideas and people you don’t agree with almost every day.  If you’re going to be considered an educated person, shouldn’t you have a means of at least coping with this reality?  For decades the progressive/liberal element has championed this very notion on college campuses.  Bucking a conservative culture, college campuses became the place where radical ideas could be shared and promoted with less censure.   Now that they are more firmly in control of those environments, proponents of those radical ideas  seem eager to stamp out any dissension or shield people from ideas that might be challenging – ideas that were once far more status quo than the current batch of ideas and ideologies.



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