Contradictions – David’s Census

The next on the list of alleged Biblical contradictions is the source for David taking a census.  2 Samuel 24:1-2 indicates that God prompts David to take a census, while 1 Chronicles 21:1-2 indicates that Satan prompted David.

This isn’t a contradiction if we understand the Biblical hierarchy properly.  God is at the top of everything – the uncaused cause, the umoved mover.  All creation is through him.  God and Satan are not equals.  Satan is an angel created by God, an angel who for reasons we aren’t privy to and by means we aren’t privy to, rebels against the sovereignty of God.  Satan remains a creation of God, so that even now in his fallen state, “even the devil is God’s devil” (to quote Martin Luther).

Can God utilize Satan to his own ends?  Yes.  As such, both verses can convey the same truth, viewed from slightly different angles.

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