Were I given to tattoos then this article might not be so interesting to me.  But since I’m not, I find the subject strangely appealing.

I have always seen tattoos and other body modifications as part of personalization, a desire to articulate one’s own uniqueness or originality.  But I would be far more drawn to the idea of making myself in solidarity, deliberately choosing a marking that has been worn by many, many other people for hundreds of years.  Something that says less about who I am separately, and more about who I am together with others.  Who we are together.  Who we have been made to be together.

I guess I’ve already been marked then in my baptism.  A mark that can’t be seen yet, but one day will be perfectly obvious to everyone, myself included.


One Response to “Marked”

  1. Lois Says:

    The only tat I’ve ever considered is a small cross on my wrist in solidarity with Coptic Christians. I haven’t done it though (too chicken).

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