Wet Bar Wednesday – Bocci Ball

Sunday evenings we have an open house for college and post-college folks.  People start arriving as early as 5:30pm, and generally leave by 10:30pm.  We serve snacks – popcorn (homemade), cheese & crackers, fruit, veggies – and of course, hand-crafted cocktails by yours truly.  I really enjoy the chance to make people happy with a well-made drink that helps facilitate conversation.  The past few weeks we’ve had special ingredients.  First it was a neighbor’s apricots.  This past week it was oranges we had just juiced.

One of the guys asked for a bocci ball, which I wasn’t familiar with.  Some quick checking turned up a recipe that is similar to a drink I blogged about years ago that I still don’t have a good name for.  However it’s a delicious drink!  I think I’ve settled on calling it the Almond Tequila, but that doesn’t really do it justice (the name I found it under is based on a particular brand of tequila – Casa Noble , but I prefer not to name drinks after a name-brand of liquor).   In any event, the bocci ball is a stripped down version:

  • 1 part amaretto
  • 2 parts orange juice
  • soda water

Mix the amaretto and orange juice thoroughly and pour over ice.  Top with soda water and stir.  .  The taste is really good – orange and amaretto pair amazingly well, and the soda water gives it a light, bubbly texture.  I still prefer the more complex drink that incorporates tequila and lime juice and skips the soda water, but to each their own.  Enjoy!

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