Not Just California

An unhappy reminder that California isn’t the only state pursuing outrageous policies that infringe on freedom of religion in the name of political correctness and the mindless capitulation to alternative sexual/gender demands.

Iowa, the heartland, is now saying that churches may not be able to preach the Bible when it contradicts cultural ideas about gender and sexuality, and may not have the right to limit restroom and locker room facilities based on gender.

At state is what is considered a bona fide religious service or event?  According to some interpretations in Iowa, if your worship service is open to the public, this may mean that it isn’t a bona fide religious purpose, and exemptions to rulings on allowing access to restrooms and other facilities based on gender may be declined.

The nature of Christian worship is to be open to the public!  I truly hope this gets shot down for being the ridiculous violation of Constitutional rights that it is, but I can’t say that I’m certain it will, either.


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